Heled is a non-profit organization which is active in general elementary schools in the state of Israel.
Our goal:

enhancing Jewish identity among the students and connecting them to their Jewish legacy.


Promoting Jewish content in the secular space has become a sensitive issue in israel. Fear from proselytizing, continuous antagonism.  This requires thoughtful planning and extensive preparation. Teachers must be specially  trained for these programs. We are attempting to connect with them emotionally to their identity and heritage.

Heled has become over past years an important and influential player in the field of strengthening Jewish- Israeli identity in the public secular sector.


Heled in numbers:

  • 424 schools around Israel are using Heled's annual programs

  • 100,000 days of Heled's special and annual programs were held this year

  • over 350 teachers in Heled's education programs for teachers

  • over 40,8000 students enjoyed a Heled program this year


Our materials include:

  • experiential activities for students, expressing the values of Judaism

  • Special training for teachers and principals in a variety of subjects.

  • Guiding and instructing educational teams

  • Developing formal and informal programs for schools


We believe that the way to reach our students' hearts is to pass on the messages in relevant and experiential ways such as:

  • quality textbooks

  • skits and plays

  • games

  • varied uses of media

  • arts and crafts


The Ministry of Education gives approval to all our teaching material. The aids are developed with care and attention.


In order to continue our important work at the level we believe in, we need partners to this journey. Help us continue our activities for the future of Israel and its children.

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